2 x 19cm Repositionable Photo Fabric Wall Dots


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Repositionable Fabric Wall Dots are an awesome new way to show your photos!

No frames or hooks are needed. You don't have to damage your walls anymore! Simply peel the backing paper off, stick, and re-peel and reposition as required!

Perfect for rentals, or temporary accommodations. 

This listing is for TWO Repositionable Fabric Wall Dots that are 19cm wide each.

They are printed on 100% polyester with a high-quality tacky backing that won't damage your paint. To remove you simply peel them off, no heat or fancy tools are needed. They easily peel apart when stuck to themselves or each other. You can reposition them to change things around or put them back on their backing paper for storage. 

  • Simply upload your photos and position where you would like the circle. There is a possibility you may lose up to 3mm of the edging when being processed, so please don't put anything important right on the edge of your cropping. 
  • There is a minimum of 1024 pixels (height and width) to allow for clear photo printing. Compressed photos (example: from Facebook) may not work. Photos straight from your camera will. 
  • Postage is included in the price (allow up to 14 days, but most will be done within 2 business days), however, please understand they take a business day to process if you order and pay for priority.
  • Photo Fabric Wall Dots are intended for use on painted walls. They are not suitable for porous walls, paint that is nonstick or contains Teflon, or damaged/flaking paint.
  • Upload square or rectangular photos only. shaped cropped photos, including circles, will not process correctly and will leave your images cropped incorrectly. 
  • If you edit your photo by zooming in and your photo looks blurry, it will print blurry! What you see is what you get.